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Musk Leads 2020 LA Billionaires Thanks to Massive Gain

The LOS ANGELS BUSINESS JOURNAL has recently quoted our Chief Investment Officer, Davide Accomazzo, as part of a piece on investment positioning by Los Angeles wealthiest players. You can read Mr. Accomazzo's comments in the second part of the article:


Thalassa Capital operations during the COVID19 pandemic

In these times  of heightened logistical and human risk due to the insidious COVID-19 virus, THALASSA CAPITAL has kept full operational continuity.  Our ability to access and process market information has remained unchanged since the beginning of the crisis. Also, during the most volatile times of market action, we were able to execute trades timely and without technical glitches.

THALASSA CAPITAL kept lines of communication open with clients, hosting personal calls with interested parties to discuss the unsettling market dynamics and to review asset allocations.

Our two offices in Bend, Oregon and Malibu, California have remained open and now as of July 2020 have started accepting client meetings again.


THALASSA CAPITAL speaking at the AAII Los Angeles Chapter

Davide Accomazzo, CIO of THALASSA CAPITAL, will be presenting  to the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors on the art of asset allocation.

Location: Skirball Center
Date: July 15th. 2017

Some of the topics discussed:


  • Why the asset allocation process is the most important decision
  • Insights and limitations of Modern Portfolio Theory
  • How to Invest in a Post Modern Portfolio Theory Universe 

To know more please go to the event’s agenda

Market Faith a new book by THALASSA CAPITAL’s CIO Davide Accomazzo

“Market Faith: a manual about understanding investments and managing market fear.”

As Davide puts it: "...If knowledge is power then a deeper understanding of what we want and what we become when we engage in the markets along with a clearer picture of what we are up against, will go a long way toward improving people's performance....."

Please feel free to call us should you want to discuss the book with the author.

The book is also available on Amazon

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