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Private Wealth Management

THALASSA CAPITAL was established to provide unique solutions to the long-term investment needs of high net worth families and individuals. Our value proposition for private clients — Creating Value, Managing Complexity, Ensuring Generational Continuity - is truly the core of our philosophy.

THALASSA CAPITAL is committed to produce results that address a client’s agreed-upon financial goals and needs, rather than an unconstrained pursuit of investment return.

We believe personal attention is essential to our private wealth management dynamics. The constant dialogue between client and portfolio manager provides opportunities for both parties to share in and shape a successful investment outcome. Our aim is to build a financial hub that transcends the static and mono-chromatic client-financial advisor relationship. We consider our clients as members of a networking community where multiple synergies help create added value.

Client Profile

Clients choose THALASSA CAPITAL to be their objective investment specialist. THALASSA’s private clients manifest a desire to

  • Work with an entrepreneurial, highly specialized boutique where they will be treated as individuals, not accounts
  • Interact with the actual principals or portfolio managers, not "relationship managers"
  • Have separately managed investment portfolios that follows specific processes in order to
    • Address their particular financial goals
    • Always reflect their personal risk tolerance
    • Seek to deliver above-market returns over the long-term

Wealth Management Process

THALASSA CAPITAL delivers a five dimensional advantage over traditional wealth management:

Objective Advice

  • Objective advice is at the core of our process
  • Our independent organizational structure ensure objectivity and transparency
  • A transparent fee structure ensure alignment of the long-term client’s interest with ours

Sophisticated Investment Advice and Implementation

  • Investment strategy development tailored to the client multi-dimensional profile
  • Portfolio design
  • Direct specialized money management and outside manager implementation
  • This integrated blueprint is a living document that guides decision-making potentially over multi-generational investment horizons

Third Party Co-ordination

  • Development of a collaborative model to handle efficiently all expert parties involved
  • Integration of in-house and outside expertise in investing, tax management, risk management, estate planning, philanthropic planning, family governance and many other critical areas

Leadership in Governance and Education

  • Considerable wealth comes with considerable complexity
  • Good governance and education are not optional but fundamental to success
  • Strategic governance and educational processes must be set in place ex ante
  • Communication procedures must be set up to ensure transparency and guide expectations

Day-to-Day Operations

  • For wealthy investors a breakdown in the daily operational management can have magnified ramifications
  • Technology is set up to increase efficiency in this area

Family Office Services

The last fifty years have witnessed an incredible increase in global wealth creation.  Such rise in capital has come with privileges but also with greater complexity and responsibilities for the original wealth creators and ultimate recipients.  A properly defined and integrated structure is now needed to manage the financial complexities of today’s wealthy families.

THALASSA CAPITAL can customize its platform to individual family needs in order to improve:

  • Wealth transfers across generations
  • Integrated management of public and private investments
  • Generational education
  • Family meeting facilitation and governance system development
  • Integration with legal and accounting teams
  • Integration with charitable objectives and foundations

Consulting Services

THALASSA CAPITAL LLC recognizes that, in some instances, an investor may only need help in a specific area. For this reason, we offer an “a la carte menu” of specialized services, where our professional framework can be leveraged without requiring a comprehensive ad long term commitment. 

The list of available specialized consultation services is as follows:

  • Financial Plan
  • Portfolio Review
  • Investment Policy Development
  • Asset Allocation Modeling
  • Fund Manager Search
  • Independent Research and Analysis
  • Deal Review
  • Education Programs
    • Allocation
    • Technical
    • Derivatives
    • Generational
  • Tax Strategy (outsourced)
  • Accounting Services (outsourced)
  • Aviation Services